Bridging innovation to the market

IoT Bridge is a company of consulting and business representation in IoT (Internet of Things) world. It is formed by experienced business executives with more than 20 years of market experience. Our goal is to understand the customer demands for IoT and position the innovative solutions from our portfolio partners in the market.  The company is based in São Paulo –  Brazil, reaching main CALA Countries.




A faster Market adoption of innovative IoT solution will positively impact digital transformation process and will benefit overall society.


Constant updating the portfolio partner base seeking the best in its group of solution. Building a network of Angel’s Sales Team with people with proven expertise in business.


Providing consultative sales, we hunt and develop the leads key market and customers. Driving the entire sales process (from acquisition to victory) within the partners and their solutions.


Customer: if you have a project which demands IoT solution please contact us. It is our mission to understand the demand and meet the best end to end solution for your need.

Portfolio partner: if you have an innovative solution on IoT worl from any part of the globe please contact us. It will be a pleasure to talk how to position and prospect it here in CALA market.