Impacts of IoT in our daily lives

You may have heard of the term “Internet of Things” in some news or video about technology, have not you? But do you know what that means?

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the newest technological revolution where everyday items are connected. It’s a reality in which home appliances, computers, cars and smartphones can communicate through the internet and sensors. This concept represents a humanity 100% involved with technology, and that has been taking shape in recent years.

This is already more common than we imagine.

There are some devices like Smart TVs, Smartwatches and Smartphones already being used in our daily lives. There are also some less popular devices such as the control of home appliances via Smart Speakers, security systems with remote monitoring and sensors that signal available parking spaces.

Those examples are all IoT, but this kind of technology can bring much greater benefits than we imagine. Numerous sectors will benefit the population through the Internet of Things, especially the Health sector.

One of the best examples is the concept of “autonomous automobiles”. In six months, more than 19,300 people dye in traffic accidents in Brazil. The Internet technology of Things, especially the emergence of sensors with a focus on car safety, has a great potential to drastically reduce fatal accidents.

For the retail market and industries the possibilities are also almost endless. The Internet of Things can help optimize energy in the refrigerators in a supermarket, as well as help you measure the productivity of machines in a factory in real time.

The Internet of Things promises huge benefits for consumers and businesses over the next few years. With the world changing around us, we don’t have much choice whether we go digital, the question is how well we do it.

And for this, we at IOT Bridge will be at your company’s disposal to assist you in this process.


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