We are ready to assist you in the major IOT segments:

▫Industry 4.0

▫Retail Market

▫Smart Cities

▫Agri Business


We have a large choice of IOT sensors such as Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Gas Meters, Water and Energy, plus specific functions such as Rain Gauges, Pet Tracking and other.


The access network is one of the most important parts of the project, since it connects between the devices and the Platform responsible for data management and we are prepared to offer Networks based on LoRa, LoRaWAN, Beacons, Wi-Fi and Mobile Network as 3G/4G and 5G.


The information of storage location can be on Cloud or locally, both have strengths depending on the application you want and we will help you choose the best solution, we have today the best solutions in the market.


The user interface will be your connection to the project, where you can extract essential information for the management of your business, and we offer the best Applications for Desktops and Smartphones, APIs / Plugins and management systems (NMS) for network management and sensors involved.